Latest gossip from the agency.

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Bilgi Publishing House

Presentation of the first novel cover design for Bilgi Publishing House is complete...

Labroderm Pro

Labroderm Pro logo and package design process has begun...

Rally Turkey

We are working on various designs for Rally Turkey, part of WRC and organised by Tosfed.

Password Beauty and Skincare Studio

We are redesigning Password's website.

Bodar X

Prestige catalogue of Bodar X is completed.

Our First Intern

Arca Kürümoğlu, student at Bilkent University, Department of Computer Technology and Information Systems (CTIS) begun his internship at Tasavvur!

Knight and Flight

New logo design is ready for Knight and Flight, one of Ankara's oldest pubs. Corporate designs are on the way.


New packages for the new product line...

Limak Energy Uludağ Electricity

We begun designing user interfaces of the mobile application and website of Uludağ Electricity.

Atılım Construction

Atılım Construction is our new brand, we begun working on the prestige catalogue of Semiramis Garden project.

Tasavvur is Three Years Old!

Another year passed by with new clients, projects and designs.

Yılmaz Law Office

Logo and corporate identity designs of Yılmaz Law Office are completed.

Limak Chats

One of Limak Foundation projects, Limak Chats had its second meeting, "1 Kulaç Fazlası". All designs and organisation of the event are prepared by us.

Limak Foundation CSR Projects

We are producing promotion and textile products for Limak Foundation's Corporate Social Responsibility projects, Turkey's Engineer Girls and Kuwait's Engineer Girls.

Hilton Garden Inn

We are designing signs and wayfinding for Hilton Garden Inn - Isparta.

Siyo Construction

Plex lazer cut calendars we designed for Siyo Construction are delivered.

Istanbul European Choir

Posters and tickets are printed and sent to Istanbul for the January event of Istanbul European Choir.

New Year Promotions

We delivered new year promotoins such as powerbanks, notebooks, agendas, calendars, pens and celebration cards for Limak Group of Companies, Elmak Energy, Limak Foundation and Tunç Law Office.

Fast Care Automobile Restoration

1973 Renault 12 TS, the 3rd book of the series is completed.

Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel

We begun designing for Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel which will be opening at the beginning of 2018.

There are Two of Us Now

Kerem Deveci completed his education at Anadolu University Graphic Design Department and begun imagining at Tasavvur!


A new video project, timelapse story of the renovation of Hamitabat Power Plant.

Limak Philharmonic Orchestra

Supported by Limak Foundation, Limak Philharmonic Orchestra is beginning their first Turkey tour and we have delivered the crew's t-shirts.

Elmak Energy

We began working on the designs of Elmak Energy's promotions, catalogue and website.

Tunç Law Office

One of the leading law offices in Ankara, Tunç Law Office began working with Tasavvur.


We began working together with UEDAŞ, designing the user interface for the web and application, on the project of their new development, online operations center.

Gülayşe Koçak

Businesscards designed for Gülayşe Koçak are delivered.

Kibele Kale

Souvenir postcards we printed for Kibele are waiting for you at Historical Ankara Castle.

Welcome Knight & Flight

One of the oldest pub's in Ankara, Knight & Flight will be re-opening soon with a fresh brand new look.

Aspharma Certificates

Aspharma certificates are designed, printed and sent to İstanbul.

Ziraat Bank Presentation

We are working full throttle on Ziraat Bank's Sustainability Report presentation...

Soskin is Rebranding!

We are re-creating Soskin's visual language, one of the brands Aspharma is representing in Turkey.

Our Second Birthday!

A new website is our gift to Tasavvur. For the curious, our first website is here.

Kule Solar at Fair

Kule Solar hosted their visitors at Solarex 2017 İstanbul Fair.

KA'A Website

We began designing KA'A Design's website.

Kule Energy has a new adress

Installation of the new signs we created for Kule Energy is completed.

Nearly two years old

We began working on our new website, trying to get it ready on our second birthday.

Motus Consultancy

The printing process of the corporate ID we designed is completed.

Businesscards are ready

Businesscards for Gülşin Doğan are designed and printed, including the logo created from her signature.

A new logo

Logo design process for CMMobile, a mobile phone accessories website, is complete.

Motus Consultancy

We began working on the logo and corporate ID for Motus Consultancy, whom met us by the reference of Bosch.


We designed the logo of Aspharma's e-commerce website,

Another brand of Aspharma, Helio Nature is getting a new website soon!

Kule Solar

Preparation for the new year: Desk calendars, notebooks, cube notes, pens and paper bags are ready.

One of the brands of Aspharma, Soskin Paris is now online with its new website.

Fast Care Automobile Restoration

Working on the book of new completed project, Porsche 924 S.

Institut français

2017 calendars are delivered.

Fast Care Automobile Restoration

Souvenir New Year postcards are being printed.

MEYED website is online now.

Institut français

We are working on a special designed calendar for a special client...

The causerie organizations by Limak Foundation will be announced on this site.

Grand opening for YDK Construction

Catalogues designed by Tasavvur were ready at the opening ceramony of the new office of YDK Construction.

Aspharma website is online with its new logo and interface.

AS Group of Companies chose Tasavvur

The Aspharma logo was so appreciated that Asaesthetics and Asacademy, the other companies of the group, asked for a re-design of their own logos.

New year is coming for Kule Solar

Their new year promotions are in design process.

Aspharma is our new client

We are re-designing the company logo as we welcome them to our family.

MEYED Website

Design process for the new website for MEYED has begun.

Fast Care Automobile Restoration

Restoration of 1977 Opel Kadett GT/E Replica is complete and we designed a book and memorial postcards for the vehicle.

KA'A Design

We photographed three places which were architected by KA'A Design.

Topaç's cover is approved

We designed the cover image for Topaç, a novel written by Gülayşe Koçak, which is now being re-published by Yapı Kredi Yayınları.

Alp is born!

We had a baby more beautiful than we could ever have imagined!

Kule Solar

Following its logo and catalogue, Tower Turk Solar website is now online.


We began designing logo and corporate ID manual for KLK.

YDK Construction

Logo and Corporate ID are completed.


Five powerpoint presentations created for Bosch customer services department.

Anses Communications

Anses Communications' website is renovated at their 25th anniversary.

İrfan Flag

We improved the website of our country's deep-rooted flag company, İrfan Flag Manufacturer.


Many thanks to all of our clients who trusted us in our first year!

Powerpoint Presentation

New product presentation for SEK is ready.

Yoga Is Peace

Evergreenyogis is a blog where you can find everything about yoga. And, of course, we designed the logo.

A New Beginning

YDK Construction has joined the Tasavvur family.

Limak Holding Sustainability Report

Tasavvur's report design was chosen from among other entries!

Limak Holding New Year Party

The 40th Year film of Limak Holding is presented at the party for the first time.

Tower Türk is Growing!

With its brands Kule Enerji / Tower Türk, our client is growing fast in its sector. Now Tower Türk Solar brand is born, and it is as well designed by Tasavvur.


December issue is sent to print.

Ankara High-Speed Train Station

We made our first full campaign presentation.


İrfan Flag Manufacturer chose us to create their modern website..


We presented two new logo designs to two new clients.

Again a website, a new website

Anses İletişim preferred Tasavvur for their new website.

Presentation requires professionality

The inhouse Powerpoint presentation for Finansbank is complete.

Is neighborhood dead?

Businesscards of our new neighbor Yasemin Güzellik Salonu are at printing house.

After its new newsite and format, chose us to design its business cards as well.

Fast Care Automobile Restoration

Following their satisfying website, the firm decided to work with us on all their corporate work. Their business cards and forms have been delivered.

Fast Care Automobile Restoration

Fast Care Automobile Restoration website was published.


A surpise in the fourth issue of Yeni1Dergi: Our client Can Hergüner, owner of Fast Care Automobile Restoration, wrote the article "Nostalgia".

Ankara Automobile Sports Club

The website of ANOK's event, Çankaya Hillclimb Race is published.


The design process of the third issue of Yeni1Dergi is over. Time to print!

Our agency is getting more beautiful!

Writer and glass mosaic artist Gülayşe Koçak's handmade artwork is now our coffee table at the agency.

Our book cover is on Amazon

R. F. Pelizzon's crime novel 'The House on Benefit Street' is on sale at as e-book for Kindle.

One more website published

New website of Tower Turk is completed.

Keep on tailoring...

Tasavvur's corporate documents are ready, its website design has begun...

Lots of shipment...

Hard and soft copies of the Yeniköy Kemerköy Coroporate ID Manual are shipped.

The printing house is working...

Yeni1Dergi Eryaman's June issue is being printed now.

Flashes, flashes...

Indoor and outdoor photo shoots of Tower Turk are completed.

Here we go!

A new company is born! Bon voyage "Tasavvur"!